Askar Oil Services
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Octane+ Not Available
Hi-Cetane Diesel RS. 290.38 / LTR
Premier RS. 293.94 / LTR

About Us

Askar Oil has shown considerable growth not only in terms of sales volume but also in terms of network locations across the country. The company has successfully installed 394 stations at various locations in all provinces of Pakistan. There are additional 900 stations under construction which will be completed by the end of next year. The total sales has crossed Rs. 2.7 billion in financial year 2013?14. The management expects this increasing trend to continue and soon the company will reach the two digit milestone in terms of market share.

The company has set their own oil terminal at Machike ,Sheikhupura with the storage capacity of 9,250 MT, and subsequently company is planning to go for their own refinery in Sindh area planning for which is already in the pipeline.

The major products sold during financial year 2013?14 are High speed diesel, Motor Spirit, Lubricants, industrial chemicals and furnace oil.

The company has entered into Lubricant market by developing its own brand. The sale of lube products has started in financial year 2012?13. The company is also exploring the opportunities of sales of furnace oil to IPPs.